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A Sampling of some stuff I like.

Check out a selection of (mostly) recent written, video, and photography work. 

South Sound Green Pages: South Sound Shellfish Farming

One frozen night last January four people stood huddled around a rickety, wooden table perched on a squat, grassy bluff above the beach on Henderson Inlet. It was past one in the morning, just under 30 degrees, and three of the four people standing with head lamps in the dark and quiet were volunteers, there to help sort oysters by size and shape at the Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm. When the farm was started in 2003, commercial shellfish cultivation - a staple of Henderson Inlet sinc

Tavour Annual Report

The American craft beer scene is booming! According to the Brewers Association and Nielsen Harris data*, the portion of adults who enjoy craft beer rose to an all-time high of 44% in 2020 (shooting up from 35% in 2015). The COVID-19 pandemic has played a big role over the past year, with more people than ever opting to order beer from the comfort and safety of home.

Though beer e-commerce is relatively new, Tavour has been an industry leader since 2013. Working with over 600 of the nation’s i

A couple of video beer reviews.

I started doing these video reviews after a discussion with two of the company founders. They game me basically zero direction other than "hey, we'd like to have video reviews for socials." So I just started making them.